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Change The Way People See Your Business by
Automatically Connecting With People Who Are Nearby
Businesses struggle to connect with customers through traditional methods... 

NEERCAST helps them deliver targeted messages via beacon technology that breathes new life into any business. Easily link your content to our beacons. Then place your beacons wherever you want people to receive your content. Don’t let another customer pass you by.
Share your offer or business info in a new interactive way.

Interactive cards offer a more streamlined way to present information. These "cards" can hold text, images, audio or video and allow users to flip them over for more details.  Less space, more information, more fun.
NEERCAST is a flexible, innovative service that brings a new level of interactivity to your business. And we manage the tech stuff for you.  There are no limits to what you can build and share.
So How Does Beacon Proximity Marketing Work?
It's pretty simple if you ask us:
  • Create a message to market your business.
  • Have us program beacons with the message.
  • Place your beacons ... or carry them with you.
  • People within 100 yards of your beacons see the notification of the message from your business.
  • People click on the notification to see your content.  Your content can be your website, a coupon or offer, an image, a video, or a call to action to provide their contact info for more information.
The possibilities are endless.  Can't figure out how to take advantage of these?
More than 75% in the U.S. own a smartphone...
... and spend more than 5 hours per day on mobile devices.
(according to Pew Research and Flurry Analytics)
No Need To Be Technical
Ever been excited about other online solutions, yet lack the time, knowledge or patience to do it yourself?  No DIY here.  We do the technical aspects for you!
Up-to-date Analytics
Want to know which ads are producing the greatest results? Use the powerful analytics and real time data to shape your next campaign!
No Long-Term Contract
Not a fan of year-long contract? Neither are we.  It can be frustrating  to be locked into a year-long contract.  So we eliminated the commitments. Start your month-to-month service today!
Ready to order yours today?

No matter what business you are in,
there is a beacon marketing strategy for you.
Beacon proximity marketing done for you ... not do-it-yourself
Quality and reliability is essential.  We buy direct from the manufacturer, the same manufacturer that provided the same beacons to Google for Google I/O 2016 and their offices.  Our Eddystone beacons are fully secure enterprise-grade quality. 

Really want to know the technical details?
Our beacons transmit signals up to 100 yards, are powered by a single CR2477 battery that lasts up to 2 years (at default settings), is IP66 weatherproof... and has an on/off switch.  (Not all do.)

Wondering how small the beacons are?  They are 2 inches around and weigh less than 1 ounce.

And if one ever fails, we will replace it for FREE. (You are still responsible for the battery though.)
The #1 Question Everyone Asks is...
Will EVERYONE Carrying A Smart Phone Receive Notifications From My Beacons?
While it would be so wonderful to engage with everyone near your beacons, technologically it is not possible due to the variety and age of smartphones that people carry with the apps they install.

The #2 Question Everyone Asks is...
Who Will Be Able To The See Messages Broadcasted From My Beacons?
The answer is Android smartphone users that have Bluetooth and location services turned on. While many turned these settings off only a couple years ago, most people have them turned on today to use many of their device's features.

The #3 Question Everyone Asks is...
What About iPhone Users—Wouldn't I Be Missing The Majority Of The Market?
According to Gartner Group and Kantar research, the Android market is the majority globally and in the U.S.  Android smartphones represents more than 80% of the market globally (1Q17), and in the U.S. Android users represent more than 64% of the market share (2Q17). 

Reality check ...
We realize what is most important to business owners is reaching as many people as possible at the lowest cost possible.  In reality, if you had to choose, wouldn't you prefer to reach 60% of the market rather than 40% of the market? The easy answer here is, once all varieties and settings are considered, that approximately 1 in every 4 people carrying a smartphone will receive notifications from our beacons without needing to install any special apps.  Compared to all other types of marketing, this is an excellent opportunity to promote your business very cost effectively.
"Proximity marketing has the power to transform the customer experience..."
How consumers use mobile phones in stores...
Men search more for info, women search more for coupons
(according to Retail Dive)
NEERCAST service is billed monthly and may be cancelled at anytime.
You may upgrade or downgrade plans at anytime.
DEPLOY up to 2 Beacons
Per month, billed monthly.
$29 account set up fee.
Beacons cost $19.97 each.
  • Purchase Beacons at Regular Price
  • Done-for-you service by our technical staff
  • Up-to-date analytics accessible online
  • Includes initial beacon message setup
  • Includes 2 message changes per month *
  • Includes unlimited e-mail support **

Per month, billed monthly.
$29 account set up fee.
Beacons cost $17.97 each.
  • SAVE 10% on beacons purchased
  • Done-for-you service by our technical staff
  • Up-to-date analytics accessible online
  • Includes initial beacon message setup
  • Includes 5 message changes per month *
  • Includes unlimited e-mail support **
Per month, billed monthly.
$29 account set up fee.
Beacons cost $14.97 each.
  • SAVE 25% on beacons purchased
  • Done-for-you service by our technical staff
  • Up-to-date analytics accessible online
  • Includes initial beacon message setup 
  • Includes 10 message changes per month *
  • Includes unlimited e-mail & phone support **

*  Message changes include revision until complete, not per revision.  Monthly message changes may be 1 per beacon, all on 1 beacon, or any combination thereof.

**  E-mail support is responded to within 1 business day.  Phone support is during business hours (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm Mountain Time).
Still got questions?
"A whopping 84 percent of millennials don’t trust traditional advertising."
Not all millennials are addicted to their phones, but millennials are the most mobile generation... How are you reaching them?
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