Changing The Way People See Your Business

10 BILLION business cards are printed in the U.S. annually and 
88% of them end up in the trash within one week of being handed out. 
Share your message or business info in a new interactive way.

Interactive cards offer a more streamlined way to present information. These "cards" can hold text, images, audio or video.
Share a digital business card with information about your business via video, audio or just PDF.

Our digital business cards allow whoever you share them with to engage with you by a simple click or tap.  With a simple tap, a prospect can call you, text you, email you, visit your website, access directions or set an appointment.
 NEERCAST is a flexible, innovative service that brings a new level of interactivity to your business. And we manage the tech stuff for you.  There are no limits to what you can build and share.
More than 75% in the U.S. own a smartphone...
... and spend more than 5 hours per day on mobile devices.
(according to Pew Research and Flurry Analytics)
No Need To Be Technical
Ever been excited about other online solutions, yet lack the time, knowledge or patience to do it yourself?  No DIY here.  We do the technical aspects for you!
Up-to-date Analytics
Want to see if your message is producing the greatest results? Use Google analytics, INCLUDED FREE and real time data to shape your next message!
No Long-Term Contract
Not a fan of year-long contracts or month-to-month service fees? NEERCAST Lite is for you.  We have eliminated the commitments. Make your one-time investment today!
Ready to order yours today?
The #1 Question Everyone Asks is...
Does this work on all smartphones?
Yes.  You effectively are sharing a web link.  The card shows up in the recipient's default browser.

The #2 Question Everyone Asks is...
Are there any additional costs incurred when sharing the digital business card?
No.  Nothing more than what you already incur related to sending a text or email on your phone.

The #3 Question Everyone Asks is...
Do I need to install any special apps?
No.  You effectively are sharing a web link via text or email.

Impress clients and prospects and offer them time saving ways to connect with you.
And how much time will you save on information you repeatedly share?
One-time investment.
  • Digital business card includes all pertinent
    contact info and social media links
  • Done-for-you service by our technical staff
  • Up-to-date analytics accessible via Google
  • Includes all initial business card setup
  • Includes unlimited e-mail support **
*  Email addresses, phone numbers and other details sometimes change over time.
Therefore, digital business card revisions may be made for a $39 service fee each time needed.
Changes may only be made to the contact information and/or content for the original owner.

**  All service support is offered via e-mail and each ticket in our system is responded to within 1 business day.
Still got questions?
"A whopping 84 percent of millennials don’t trust traditional advertising."
Not all millennials are addicted to their phones, but millennials are the most mobile generation... How are you connecting with them?
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